novidrill EDM drilling

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A High-Speed EDM Drilling machine : Novidrill

Electrical Discharge Machining

EDM represents the thermal erosion process that removes metal by a series of recurring electrical discharges between a cutting tool acting as an electrode and a conductive workpiece, in the presence of a dielectric fluid. In the gap between the electrode and the workpiece occurs a voltage discharge and parts from the workpiece vaporize from the heat of the discharge, this particles ar washed from the gap by the dielectric fluid that flushes continuously.  High-Speed EDM Drilling is used to produce very small and accurate parts as well as large items.

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Machines for automotive industries

Novick machines to produce complex automotive components

Novick’s machines and strategies have the flexibility, performance, and reliability essential to produce complex automotive components, including cavities, tools for the production of plastic parts, castings, forgings, and stampings.
What matters most to the OEMs and suppliers of automotive, truck/tractor and heavy equipment customers?

Competition!! In a global marketplace where critical tolerances are increasing and costs per part are decreasing, NOVICK® is giving companies like yours a clear competitive edge. With our EDM machines to achieve the lowest possible costs, all while providing the agility needed to adapt production to rapid production shifts.

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