MEI-TA Novick

Besides Continental®, Mahle ®, and others, another automotive GIANT has chosen NOVICK Europe.

logo MEI TA

MEI TA Group, specialized in the turbochargers market, is producing turbine housings, center housings and integrated manifolds which are used on turbochargers.  All of the castings and machine processing are made in their own factories. Their products are successfully used by Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ford, GM, VW, Toyota, BMW, Renault, PSA, VOLVO and other international well-known brands and have won high praise from their customers.
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cover edm spark erosion

Technology of spark erosion and Dielectrics for all your applications

Spark erosion

Spark erosion is a modern machining technique with decisive advantages as a result of which its use is becoming more and more widespread. Only one practical example is given here out of its countless applications in the machining of metal.
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