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High precision wire cut at very low cost with the new Novicut M-II line

NEW Novicut M 650-II precision and accuracy wire cut test

Executed: 2017-november

Material: D2 Tool Steel | 1.2379 | X153CrMo12 | SKD11

Cold Works D2 tool steel is a high carbon, high chromium tool steel (12% chrome) with extremely high wear resisting properties, heat treatable to 60-62 Rc

Electrode : Wire of 0.18mm, Molybdenium wire 99.8%

Results :

  • Average Surface roughness : Ra = 0.76 µm
  • Pitch accuracy : 14µm
  • Shape accuracy : 9 µm


Procedure :

  • Multi-cutting function 4 cuts
  • Best roughness Ra<0.68 µm
  • Worst Roughness Ra<0.78 µm
  • cutting speed hit 315mm2/min at highest wire speed at first cut.

With the new advanced and patented pulse power eco generator specific for molybdenum we get much lower loss of wire (electrode wear). The diameter of a 0.18 mm wire, reduced with 0,007mm in 200.000 mm2 cutting (5 shifts of 8 hour working). This keeps the precision of the each cut at the lowest cost available!

MEI-TA Novick

Besides Continental®, Mahle ®, and others, another automotive GIANT has chosen NOVICK Europe.

logo MEI TA

MEI TA Group, specialized in the turbochargers market, is producing turbine housings, center housings and integrated manifolds which are used on turbochargers.  All of the castings and machine processing are made in their own factories. Their products are successfully used by Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ford, GM, VW, Toyota, BMW, Renault, PSA, VOLVO and other international well-known brands and have won high praise from their customers.
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