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The first machine with C-Axis Delivered in Benelux

Staalvrom is a Dutch company with over 60 years of experience in die manufacturing and they bought a Die sinking EDM wit C-Axis.

All the dies are manufactured in their up-to-date production facility in order to meet the high demands of their customers. Based on in-house design, they produce, assemble and overhaul dies for a wide range of applications in the plastic industry.

By regular training of their staff, they continuously meet the current requirements in the college of precision. And precision is what they are.

They perceive “Passion for Precision”!

Through their present knowledge and experience, they are the ideal partner to help you design the required dies from the start.

The high degree of automation requires a thorough preparation in order to achieve a perfect template. participating early also ensures short lead time, prevents production errors and reduces production costs. By all means a win-win situation.

During this close cooperation, they learn your specific requirements, enabling them to take these into account from an early stage in the production phase. these specific requirements ar then recorded in the database of the customer and will serve later as a reference for maintenance and additional productions.

Theis goal is to build on their 100% confidence in the interests of their clients.

Factory acceptance visit

Erik, owner at Staalvorm, checking the machine in the Novick* factory. The new, modern machine design creates homogeneity with the entire Novick* product range.

die manufacturing

The similarity and quality to the past and current machines from top manufacturers, made by Novick* as OEM machines, can be seen very clearly in the structure of the current machine. Top components, a solid cast iron construction with a fixed bed, and a very flexible attitude of the Novick* people willing to change details immediately to the costumer’s needs, as well as a whole bunch of options, and this for an unbeatable price, obviously charmed Erik.

die manufacturing

Noviform 600U

The ergonomics of the Noviform* machines are designed to provide the most favorable ratio between the floor space area and the work surface area.

Die Sinking EDM

A short oversized cast-iron C frame with fixed table delivers mechanical stability and guarantees positioning accuracy and precision for the life of the machine – regardless of the workpiece weight or the dielectric volume. the rugged design absorbs all machining force in order to maintain a precise gap between workpiece nd electrode.

Unbeatable price!

  • 3 Axis CNC + Optional C-axis + Orbit II function + Expert 3 + DSAPCS Pro
  • Smallest increment 0.001mm, surface roughness achievable Ra = 0,14 μm with high mirror finish
  • X-Travel from 380 to 2100 mm
  • Y-travel from 250 to 900 mm
  • Fixed bed: table doesn’t move!
  • 1000 kg on our smallest table and 8000 kg on the biggest machine
  • C-axis possible, closed loop possible, ATC possible

Die Sinking EDM


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